508 & THE CLOUD: When the Cloud Complicates 508 Compliance. The National Institute of Standards and Technology found that as organizations move to cloud-based systems and platforms, the accessibility for employees with disabilities can be compromised. Accessibility tools for those with disabilities rely on local computers capable of running them. And with most software and information now migrating to remote locations accessed through the Internet, NIST warned, those tools might not function. Read more

E-LEARNING: Accessibility for E-Learning: Section 508 and WCAG. What are Section 508 and WCAG? How do they differ? Why should you care? What tools can you use to make your e-learning courses follow accessibility best practices and adhere to the law? Have you ever thought about how someone with a disability experiences the online courses you create? What if your target audience includes people who are deaf or hard of hearing, color blind, visually impaired (partially or totally), or have limited mobility? Shouldn’t they be afforded the same learning opportunities and access to your courses? Section 508 and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) help with just that—by establishing a set of rules that, when followed, will ensure your e-learning content is accessible to those with disabilities. Read more

VIDEO: Five Predictions about Video Accessibility for 2016. 2015 was a year where there was tremendous growth in awareness about video accessibility due to changes in the legal landscape, especially as it relates to the deaf and hard of hearing. As these trends continue into 2016, there are five predictions based on issues that were left unsolved in 2015, expected outcomes of recent changes in regulations, and increased awareness of video accessibility issues. Read more

BANKS SHOULD BEWARE THE LAWSUITS: Is Your Website Built for the Visually-Impaired? If Not, You Could Lose an Ugly Lawsuit. The DOJ has already settled a lawsuit with mobile grocer Peapod over their website’s compliance issues. What you don’t know about new ADA regulations governing website accessibility for people with visual disabilities could embroil your financial institution in a costly lawsuit. Here’s what financial marketers need to do now — before the April 2018 deadline. Read more


MORE FROM THE BUE MOUNTAIN DATA SYSTEMS BLOG: 12 Ways to Empower Government Users With the Microsoft Business Intelligence (MBI) Stack http://www.bluemt.com/12-ways-to-empower-government-users-with-the-microsoft-business-intelligence-mbi-stack/.

IT SECURITY SUPPORT: Blue Mountain Data Systems is actively involved in implementing FISMA and NIST standards with Federal Civilian Agencies. Due to our extensive experience in this area, Blue Mountain has developed processes and organizational techniques to help ensure security deliverables are completed on time, and performed in the most efficient manner possible. We ensure that NIST-800-53 control requirements are treated consistently during definition, analysis, implementation, auditing, and reporting phases of a system. Find out more about Blue Mountain Data Systems IT Security Support Services. Call us at 703-502-3416.

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508 Compliance – Daily Tech Update – March 29, 2016

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