IT-security-bannerHardware failure, app outages, data center outages/performance issues and lost connectivity are all incidents that happen on a daily basis in the IT team’s world. Quick detection of the problem and resolution reduces the disruption to your business operations, calms dissatisfied customers, and reduces stress on the IT team.

Many organizations are dissatisfied with their incident response rates, due to their reliance on manual systems that notify IT when problems arise. Recently released survey findings, “Current Trends and Concerns in IT Communication,” pinpoint the reasons why. Dennis McCaffrey of CIO Insight analyzes the survey findings and identifies why IT incidents are mishandled, spiraling out of control as a result:

Downtime – Survey respondents said their organization experienced an average of 150 IT incidents within the last year, each taking an average of 2.25 hours to resolve.

Far-Flung – More than one-third said their IT incident response team members are located in multiple locations or time zones.

Ineffective Means – 78% of respondents said their organization still relies on manual phone calls to notify IT when an incident occurs, and just 16% are fully satisfied with their company’s current notification/activation process for incident response.

Insecure State – One out of 10 survey respondents said their organization experienced a denial-of-service attack within the past year.

MIA – 34% said it’s challenging to find the right on-call person when an issue surfaces, and 93% said there are times when the person or team assigned to an incident does not respond.

Passive Approach – 12% said their organization waits for customers or users to complain before notifying IT about an issue.

Unfortunate Outcomes – More than two out of five said their company encountered decreased customer satisfaction as a result of IT incidents, and one out of six said these incidents have caused their organizations to lose business. 64% said these incidents have caused personal stress or increased workloads.

For more reasons to take control of IT incidents see the full CIO Insight article.


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7 Reasons to Take Control of IT Incidents

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