HYBRID: 9 Key Trends in Hybrid Cloud Computing. All three forms of cloud computing – public, private, and hybrid – have undergone considerable evolution since the concepts first gained the attention of IT years ago. Hybrid cloud is the overwhelming favorite form of the cloud, with 88% of firms surveyed rating it as important or critical to their business. The lightning-fast evolution of hybrid cloud means the conventional wisdom of a year or two back is already obsolete. Several industry analysts have some interesting ideas where the hybrid cloud is headed in 2016. Read more

VERIZON: Why Verizon Communications Inc. Killed Two Public Cloud Services. Verizon recently announced that it will shutter two of its public cloud services, Verizon Public Cloud and Reserved Public Cloud services, on April 12. However, the company will keep its on-site Verizon Private Cloud (VPC) and Verizon Cloud Storage services active. Here’s a closer look at Verizon’s frequently overlooked cloud business, and why it’s retreating from the crowded public cloud market. Read more

GOOGLE: Google Seeks Most-Flexible Cloud Crown. Google continued to push its cloud as an attractive alternative to Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure on Wednesday by making a new, more flexible unit of cloud computing capacity broadly available. Google’s Custom Machine Types, which have been in test mode since November, let the buyer configure computing power with different amounts of processing power and memory to best suit the application at hand. Read more

GOVERNMENT: CenturyLink Launches Government Cloud Service. CenturyLink has announced the addition of a new Government Cloud offering to its hybrid IT services portfolio. The new Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) service is available to federal government agencies and offers cloud colocation and managed hosting services. The service utilizes VMware’s vCloud Governement Services platform. Read more


BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE: Transforming An Antiquated Business Intelligence Process. The personal story of how one executive transformed an unused business intelligence system. Find out more

APACHE: Apache Arrow Aims to Speed Access to Big Data. Apache’s new project leverages columnar storage to speed data access not only for Hadoop but potentially for every language and project with big data needs. Read more

DATA SECURITY: Comparing the Top Big Data Security Analytics Tools. Expert Dan Sullivan compares how the top-rated big data security analytics tools measure up against each other to help you select the right one for your organization. Read more

MEDICAL: How Big Data Is Transforming Medicine. In order to safeguard participants and improve reliability, clinical trials have to meet rigorous scientific standards. However, that’s not to say there is no risk of methodological flaws, or that the small-ish populations used in clinical trials always generalize well outside of a particular study. This is where big data can help. By mining the world of practice-based clinical data—i.e. actual patient records—for information on who has what condition and what treatments are working, we could learn a lot about the way we care for individuals. Read more


IT SECURITY SUPPORT: Blue Mountain Data Systems is actively involved in implementing FISMA and NIST standards with Federal Civilian Agencies. Due to our extensive experience in this area, Blue Mountain has developed processes and organizational techniques to help ensure security deliverables are completed on time, and performed in the most efficient manner possible. We ensure that NIST-800-53 control requirements are treated consistently during definition, analysis, implementation, auditing, and reporting phases of a system. Find out more about Blue Mountain Data Systems IT Security Support Services. Call us at 703-502-3416.

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BLUE MOUNTAIN DATA SYSTEMS HAS THE EXPERIENCE: 1994 to Present – U.S. Dept. of Labor, Employee Benefits Security Administration. Responsible to the Office of Technology and Information Systems for information systems architecture, planning, applications development, networking, administration and IT security, supporting the enforcement of Title I of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act — ERISA. Within the EBSA, Blue Mountain is responsible for design, development and support for its various enforcement database management systems, as well as all case tracking and customer service inquiry systems. Blue Mountain also provides IT security services to the EBSA, in the form of FISMA Assessment and Authorization, System Security Plans, Risk and vulnerability assessments, monitoring and investigation support. Read more.


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