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MOBILE: While mobile traffic to federal websites still pales in comparison to traditional desktop visits, the number of mobile visitors is growing rapidly. Still, challenges persist. Looming large is the fact that not all, or even most, federal websites are designed to be consumed with pocketsize screens, touch-screen keyboards and scaled-down browsing capabilities. Read more

MAINE: State’s Department of Health and Human Services puts data from day care inspections online for first time. Maine parents who are deciding on day care providers for their children – or parents who want to know whether their providers have licensing violations – can look at state inspection reports online. Read more

PHILADELPHIA: The City of Philadelphia announced that it’s conducting a comprehensive redesign of its website – and it wants the public’s help. The prototype, which was built in six weeks, will serve as a basis for the redesign process. Read more


BROWSER TECH: Recovering lost bookmarks in Chrome. On Windows 7, even without Google/Chrome backups, you can recover bookmarks. Read more

SEO FOR THE CTO: Tips for working with a dev team that doesn’t fully understand search engine optimization. Find out about thin content, 302 vs. 301 redirects, duplicate content and more. Read more

CISOs: Say Hackers Have the Advantage. According to a recent report, nearly 60% of security leaders said the sophistication of attackers is outstripping the sophistication of their company’s cyber defenses. Read more


FEDERAL AGENCIES: Agencies fall short of White House targets for cybersecurity. The White House continues to see an upward trend in new cybersecurity practices governmentwide, but the Obama administration is finding that not all agencies are living up to the cyber standards it set forth in last year’s cross-agency priority goals. Read more

NIST: The Coder War – Approaches to cybersecurity defense. Looking inside the history of cyberdefense and how NIST is moving the government forward. Read more


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