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BILL GATES: Microsoft’s 40th Birthday: ‘What Matters Most Now Is What We Do Next’. It may seem difficult to believe but Microsoft has turned turn 40. To commemorate the occasion, Gates sent out a letter to employees Friday, in which he reflected on the company’s past and future. Read more

GOOGLE ANTITRUST: Can European Institutions Do Anything Other Than Investigate U.S. Tech Companies? After investigating Google’s behavior for several years, the EU’s antitrust commission seems finally ready to file its formal charges. Indeed, a story on the Wall Street Journal –“EU Prepares Google Antitrust Charges” — hints at the possibility that Google manipulated some search results in its favor, thus unleashing the anger of small and large organizations that do business over the Internet. Read more

LEGAL MATTERS: Jay Edelson, the Class-Action Lawyer Who May Be Tech’s Least Friended Man. When technology executives imagine the boogeyman, they see a baby-face guy in wire-rim glasses. His name is Jay Edelson. Mr. Edelson, 42, is a class-action lawyer. He is also, if not the most hated person in Silicon Valley, very close to it. Read more


PLUG AND PLAY: How A Data Lake Facilitates Analysis. Examining your cyber data from a data-centric approach provides your analysts with the insight needed to better understand how and where adversaries are attacking your enterprise. The approach to ingesting cyber data for later analysis should be designed to significantly reduce the time and effort of your cyber analysts, provide consistency, and support continual analysis of the data. Read more

CLOUD COMPUTING: NIH Makes Initial Revisions to Guidelines for Genomic Data Analysis in the Cloud. The National Institutes of Health issued a position statement recently revising its existing polices on use of cloud computing services for storing and analyzing controlled access data stored in the Database of Genotypes and Phenotypes (dbGAP). Read more

MARKETING STRATEGY: Top 3 Tips For Data Analysis. More brands are beginning to think of data not as an issue for IT departments to deal with, but as an area that everyone – from sales and advertising to PR pros – need to be able to deal with. One expert offers his top 4 tips for better data analysis. Read more

BIG DATA: 3 Recent Books For Budding Data Scientists And Business Executives Involved. Now that most of the hype around big data has died down, overtaken by the buzz over the Internet of Things, we are sometimes treated to serious discussions of the state-of-the-art (or science, for that matter) in data analysis. Read more


WORKFORCE: Want Better IT Talent? Recruit Remote Workers. The war for talent. The IT skills gap. Increased global competition. The tech talent management landscape becomes more cutthroat every day as organizations struggle to hire and retain workers who will give them an edge over their competition. But today’s technology allow savvy businesses a way to tap into a larger, more diverse talent pool, all while increasing productivity and staff retention at the same time. Read more

SURVEY REPORT: CIOs At A Technology And Cultural Crossroads. CIOs today exert more strategic influence than ever, but tactical demands still consume much of their time and focus, according to a recent survey by CIO Strategic Marketing Services /IDG Research. Read more

LEADERSHIP: CIO and CMO Hold Keys to Business Success. The roles of the CMO and CIO are changing, and those organizations with the most mature collaborations tend to be the most successful in driving the performance of their teams and the growth of customer-focused initiatives, according to Deloitte Digital’s “CMO Quarterly Study: The CMO-CIO Relationship.” Read more


APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT: Blue Mountain Data Systems is dedicated to Application Development and Systems Integration for Federal Civilian Agencies, Document Management Systems that help in the preparation, scanning, indexing, categorizing and quality control of millions of pages of paper documents to electronic format and the Automation of Workflow Processes. Call us at 703-502-3416.


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