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CLOUD: Cloud Security And What It Means For Our Health. If you want to secure data in the cloud, here’s the prescription: use encryption, two-factor identification and security intelligence. Read more

VIRTUALIZATION: How Virtualization Can Improve Security. Moving sensitive data and programs to virtual machines can sound like a risky strategy, no matter what benefits can be provided. When utilized properly, however, virtualization may actually end up improving security, alleviating any doubts in using the technology. Read more

GAMIFICATION: Putting people at the centre of enterprise security. In security, people are the weakest link. CIOs must therefore educate and empower employees to understand the risks and make better security decisions — and executives must lead by example. Read more

SMALL BUSINESS: 7 Cyber Defense Best Practices for SMBs. With cyber criminals increasingly choosing to target smaller companies, SMBs need to up their security game. Read more


CONTENT: A Look at Click-through Rates on Government Websites. Sixty percent of all searches result in a click on a organic Web result. Of these clicks, 92% are on page 1 and 6% are on page 2. Clicks fall off precipitously after that with only 1% of clicks on pages 3 or 4 and 0.5% on page 5 and beyond. Read more

CLOUD RISK: 8 best practices for evaluating cloud risk. According to a recent Accenture Federal Services and Government Business Council report that polled 286 federal executives, only 10 percent of agencies have migrated more than half of their IT portfolios to the cloud. Only 30 percent are implementing cloud strategies and 58 percent were not aware of any cloud strategy underway at their agencies. Read more


2015 HIRING OUTLOOK: 2015 IT Career Outlook: New Job Roles for IT. Discover the six critical IT roles that organizations will need to stay competitive in 2015 and beyond. Read more

GOOGLE: How Google Sold Its Engineers on Management. Since the early days of Google, people throughout the company have questioned the value of managers. That skepticism stems from a highly technocratic culture. So here’s the challenge Google faced: If your highly skilled, handpicked hires don’t value management, how can you run the place effectively? How do you turn doubters into believers, persuading them to spend time managing others? As it turns out, by applying the same analytical rigor and tools that you used to hire them in the first place-and that they set such store by in their own work. Read more


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