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APPLE VULNERABILITY: The U.S. government warned iPhone and iPad users to be on the alert for hackers who may exploit a vulnerability in Apple Inc’s (AAPL.O) iOS operating system that would enable them to steal sensitive data. There was the potential for hacks using a newly identified technique known as the “Masque Attack,” the government said in an online bulletin from the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center and the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Teams. Read more

HOW DO YOU KNOW: When your computer is infected? Unfortunately, there is no particular way to identify that your computer has been infected with malicious code. Some infections may completely destroy files and shut down your computer, while others may only subtly affect your computer’s normal operations. Be aware of any unusual or unexpected behaviors. If you are running anti-virus software, it may alert you that it has found malicious code on your computer. The anti-virus software may be able to clean the malicious code automatically, but if it can’t, you will need to take additional steps. Find out more


MANAGE EMAIL: Microsoft Clutter – a new feature embedded in the business version of Office 365 – evaluates a user’s actions to determine which messages he/she is likely to ignore. It gets smarter over time, learning from the user’s prior actions with similar messages. Eventually, less important emails are automatically spotted and moved to the Clutter folder. Read more

SELF-REPAIRING SOFTWARE: University of Utah computer scientists have developed software that not only detects and eradicates never-before-seen viruses and other malware, but also automatically repairs damage caused by them. The software then prevents the invader from ever infecting the computer again. Read more

SOCIAL SOFTWARE & THE CIO: CIOs Use Social Software to Help the Help Desk. CIOs are turning to employee-curated social software to manage the corporate knowledge-base, an asset long obscured and often rendered useless by outdated information and even poorer performing search tools. Read more


JAVASCRIPT: JavaScript juices high-performance Web apps with SIMD.js API. Google, Intel, and Mozilla are developing SIMD.js, a JavaScript API for SIMD (Single Instruction Multiple Data) calculations to boost high-performance Web applications. Read more

PENETRATION TESTING: Finding Web application flaws. Though complex, penetration testing is worth the effort and helps make Web applications as secure as possible. Here are some tips for testing effectively. Read more


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