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NO CROSS-SITE SCRIPTING: 11 dev rules former Twitter security engineer Neil Matatall swears by. Neil Matatall hates cross-site scripting. The practice where, roughly speaking, HTML gets automatically generated or gets borrowed from another site. They flat out don’t do it at Twitter, where he was a security engineer for almost three years. Read more

WEB SITES: Five ways your website may be attacking customers. Attackers are increasingly using trusted websites to distribute malware, steal user credentials and commit fraud. Read more

MALWARE: Grows as C&C Servers Drop; IoT Looms. The United States hosts more than 43% of all malicious links and more C&C servers than any other country in the world. However, when analyzing infection rates/ratios based on the number of IP addresses in a country, the United States ranks only as the 28th most-affected location when it comes to malware. Read more

FIREWALLS: Best Practices for Selecting a Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW). IT leaders considering next-generation firewalls have a variety of features to choose from. Here is some practical advice to help enterprises select the right NGFW for their environment. Read more


LokiJS: A lightweight JavaScript document-oriented, in-memory database. LokiJS supports field indexing for faster document access and performs at near 500,000 ops/s on those. Its built-in DynamicView class also enables to utilize indexes on data subsets for even faster performance. Read more

HTML5: Its “Dirty Little Secret” – It’s Already Everywhere, Even In Mobile. Just look under the hood, says EmberJS co-founder Tom Dale. Find out more


AMAZON WEB SERVICES: Why Amazon’s new Lambda cloud service is a huge deal for devs – and the cloud market. Instead of configuring and maintaining virtual-server infrastructure, developers give Amazon instructions or rules to carry out when certain things happen. Read more

MICROSOFT: Open-sources .Net server-side cloud stack. The company is embarking on a broad-based strategy for mobile and cloud development, including major upgrades to Visual Studio. Read more


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