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ZERO-TRUST MODEL: Network security needs big data. As the inadequacies of perimeter-centric defenses become clearer, the zero-trust model grows more appealing. As for ZTM, it will need big data to succeed. This aggressive approach to network security monitors every piece of data possible, under the assumption that every file is a potential threat. Find out more

PROJECT SUCCESS: Five ways to make your project a success. Big data is a big deal, but how do you get started and get it right? Here’s some advice from IT experts working on successful projects. Find out more


OPINION: What’s the FCC to do? According to writer Gene Marks, “Netflix and YouTube now consume 50% of the Internet.” Is the argument for Net Neutrality weakening? Read more

ADVICE FOR THE FEDERAL CIO: Five winning strategies of successful CIOs. With so many competing demands how do tech chiefs know what to focus on and when? Here are five ways CIOs can help make the right choices. Read more


BACKBONE & TYPESCRIPT: How to Build a Backbone Application with TypeScript, Part 1: Getting Started. Here are some best practices for creating a Single-Page Application with TypeScript. Find out how

DATABASES: Amazon Web Services Inc., has released of a new, cloud-based relational database service called Amazon RDS for Aurora that it claims will deliver better performance at a fraction of the cost of on-premises installations. Read more

2014 PREDICTIONS: 15 hot programming trends — and 15 going cold — reported in early 2014. In your opinion, how did these predictions hold up this year? Find out more


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