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CONTINUOUS MONITORING OF ENTERPRISE ASSETS: Commerce Department, Nuclear Regulatory Commission and other Agencies put continuous monitoring into action as they work toward a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. Read now

PEOPLE & SECURITY: In security, people are the weakest link. CIOs must therefore educate and mpower employees to understand the risks and make better security decisions — and executives must lead by example. Read now

CYBER SECURITY: Security awareness can’t be just a one off. Initiatives such as the US’ National Cyber Security Awareness Month are all well and good, but day-to-day attitudes must change too. Read more


MANAGEMENT: Top 10 State CIO Priorities for 2015. Security, cloud services and consolidating and centralizing services are top of mind for state CIOs, according to a new survey by the National Association of State Chief Information Officers. According to the NASCIO, there are top ten priorities for CIOs in 2015. Read now

VIRGINIA: Alternatives – Data Centres: REITs power up Virginia. Today, the object of competition is data-intensive work for the US Federal government, a cluster of advanced research centres, and the tech services and consulting companies that serve them. The epicentre of the boom is Ashburn, in Louduon County, Virginia, just northwest of Washington DC. Read now

PROTECTING DATA: State Government Security Leaders Share New Strategies. The government security leadership series continues with another set of CIO/CISO interviews. Read now


CLOUD: Oracle Adds Services to Government Cloud. In a move to tap into revenues made available through the U.S. federal government’s Cloud First Policy, Oracle has added human resources, enterprise resource planning and sales offerings to its Oracle Government Cloud Platform. Read now

FEDERAL COMPUTING: Supporting America’s Economic Competitiveness: A Look at Federal Supercomputing Leadership. The Council on Competitiveness has released a new report that explores the value of government leadership in supercomputing for industrial competitiveness, titled Solve. The Exascale Effect: the Benefits of Supercomputing Investment for U.S. Industry. Read now

OPEN GOVERNMENT: Picking up the open-gov torch. In September, the White House announced a series of new initiatives as part of its second Open Government National Action Plan. Among them was a commitment to developing and implementing a governmentwide open-source software policy by the end of 2015. Read more


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