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MALWARE: ‘Dridex’ malware brings back Microsoft Word macro attacks. Macro attacks fell out of favor for a while but are coming back. It’s malware that aims to steal your online banking credentials…reviving a decade-old technique to install itself on your PC. Read more

FISMA REFORM: The House and Senate have hit a road bump trying to update a 2002 law that collects binders of paper once a year, as a way of monitoring federal computer security. Folding an overhaul of the Federal Information Security Management Act, or FISMA, into an annual must-pass defense law is one possibility for swift enactment, a congressional aide said. But other sources familiar with negotiations say inclusion of FISMA in the 2015 National Defense Authorization Act is now unlikely. Read more

PERSONAL TECH: Augmenting Your Password-Protected World. Passwords don’t look to be leaving us anytime soon. Still, there are some new and interesting tools to help make our password-protected world a little safer. Read more

CLOUD: Protecting the Perimeter From the Cloud…Defending Against Hackers Who Automate Monitoring of Targets. The truth is, as more data and technologies move to the cloud and more and different types of devices become connected to the Internet and each other, more endpoints are being added to a company’s perimeter. For hackers, more endpoints mean more doors and windows to open and exploit. Read more

CYBERSECURITY GRANT: The U.S. Department of Justice has awarded the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) a National Justice Information Sharing Initiative grant to advance best practices in cyber incidence response planning and the use of cyber analytics at the state government level. Read more


ONLINE CHAT: Ask the CIO with FEMA’s Adrian Gardner, the chief information officer at the Federal Emergency Management Agency, joins Federal News Radio for a free online chat. DATE: Today, Thursday, Nov. 6, 2014. TIME: 3 – 3:30 p.m. Sign up now

ENTERPRISE: What CIOs need to know about procurement systems. Inefficient procurement tools cost businesses in North America more than $1.5 billion annually and waste 32 million work hours, according to a new survey by cloud provider SciQuest. It found that only 28 percent of sourcing procurement professionals believe their procurement system increases productivity. The study recommends five rules to bridge a “massive productivity gap eating away at bottom lines. Sign up now


PROJECT MANAGEMENT APPS: How three popular picks stack up – Trello, Asana and Smartsheet. Read more

OPEN SOURCE: Taiga, a new open source project management tool with focus on usability. Read more


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