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SURVEY: Shows Little Accord On Responsibility For Cloud Security. Many industry experts agree that cloud security has to be a shared responsibility between cloud providers and the businesses that use these services to host and manage their data and applications. But there’s less agreement over just how much responsibility each side has for ensuring data security in the cloud. Read more

AWS: Cloud Security Tools Thwart Attacks on AWS Infrastructure. Before Amazon Inspector, AWS Config Rules and even VPC, third-party cloud security tools stood guard over AWS — and for a number of reasons, IT pros will continue to rely on them. Read more

MOBILE & CLOUD SECURITY: A New Archetype for Mobile and Cloud Security. No longer is it possible to establish an unbreachable perimeter because people and data are constantly flowing into and out of various networks and applications. To deal with this new reality, an improved security model that can handle the challenge is needed. Otherwise, users will continue to go it alone and organizational data will have a high risk of exposure. Read more

SHADOW IT: IBM Tackles ‘Shadow IT’ with a New Cloud Security Tool for Enterprises. If there’s one thing that can strike terror into a CIO’s heart, it’s the security implications of the cloud. If there’s another, it’s the “bring your own” technology trend. Combine the two, and you’ve got the motivation behind IBM’s new Cloud Security Enforcer. Read more


ADOBE FLASH: Adobe Patches Critical Flash Vulnerability. A few days back Adobe posted a security bulletin on its website through which it confirmed that it was aware of a “critical vulnerability” in some versions of Flash player, with the vulnerability affecting users on Windows, Mac and Linux. It could cause their systems to crash and even let attackers remotely take control of the system. Adobe has now confirmed that the vulnerability has been patched. Read more

MICROSOFT & APPLE: Microsoft’s Latest Update For Office 2016 For Mac Still Doesn’t Fix El Capitan Crashes, Hints Apple Is At Fault. While Microsoft updated Office 2016 for Mac on Tuesday, Oct. 13, with security fixes and minor feature changes, the software giant failed to release patches on the recurring glitches on OS X El Capitan. Read more

WINDOWS: All Versions of Windows Affected by Critical Security Flaw. Even Windows 10 wasn’t left out of the trifecta of monthly security patches. Microsoft said in its monthly security bulletin as part of its so-called Patch Tuesday that Windows Vista and later, including Windows 10, require patching from a serious remote code execution flaw in Internet Explorer. Read more

GOOGLE: Embraces Security Shaming To Answer Android’s Security Problems. Following the security scares this year, Google has introduced plans to provide a monthly security patch for manufacturers and carriers to push updates out as quickly as possible to users’ handsets. Unfortunately Google has to rely on the goodwill of its partners to push out these patches through over-the-air updates. Read more


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