NETWORK SECURITY CHECKLIST: Working on your network security? Want to make sure you have all your bases covered? Need some help getting started? Use this Network Security Checklist. Read more

MICROSOFT SQLSERVER SECURITY CHECKLIST: Authentication, complex passwords and limiting permissions are three of the top bullet points on this SQL Server security best practices checklist. Read more

508 COMPLIANCE CHECKLISTS: HHS Section 508 Accessibility checklists for Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, and Multimedia Files . Read more


SUCCESSFUL CLOUD INITIATIVES: NIST puts a sharper point on cloud computing. National Institute of Standards & Technology issues 10 key recommendations for successful cloud initiatives. Read more

ISO STANDARDS FOR CLOUD: It’s pointless to define cloud computing. ISO joins the list of organizations looking to define cloud  computing for the industry — but it doesn’t matter. Read more

iCLOUD PASSWORDS: In an effort to increase the security level of iCloud accounts, Apple is now requiring app-specific passwords for some third-party apps. Read more


THE STATE OF CYBERSECURITY: Sorry State of Cybersecurity. Globally, nearly 120,000 security incidents occur each day. However, information security budgets have shrunk for the fifth straight year—and most enterprises lack a cross-organizational team to deal with security issues. Read more

EMAIL SECURITY: Malicious Ebola-Themed Emails Are on the Rise. The United States Computer Readiness Team, a division of the Department of Homeland Security, issued an advisory warning users about spam campaigns that used the Ebola virus to bait users into clicking on malicious web links or attachments. Read more


WHY GOOGLE WANTS TO REPLACE GMAIL Gmail represents a dying class of products that, like Google Reader, puts control in the hands of users, not signal-harvesting algorithms. Watch now

MOZILLA WEBMAKER: Mozilla’s Webmaker app will make it easy for anyone to create Web apps on their smartphone. Read more


ELECTRONIC DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT: Does your Federal Agency need to move toward a paperless office, the ability to attach documents to records within existing database applications? Blue Mountain Data Systems staff possess decades of document management experience. Call Paul Vesely at 703-502-3416 to discuss how to design and implement the electronic document management applications you need.


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