OPEN SOURCE PROJECTS: Elastic Rolls Out ElasticSearch-As-A-Service. Elastic is the commercial entity behind the Elasticsearch and Apache Lucene open source projects. As such, its mission is to wrap commercial service around already hugely successful open source offerings. Elastic packages up a number of discrete technologies — Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana — to power a number of applications. The open source stack itself has achieved more than 25 million downloads. Read more

APACHE SPARK: Lucidworks Brings Its Open-Core Enterprise Search Engine. The latest player to jump aboard the Apache Spark bandwagon is bound to turn some heads in the upstream ecosystem. Lucidworks Inc. has added integration with the speedy data crunching framework in the new version of its flagship enterprise search engine that debuted this morning as part of an effort to catch up with the changing requirements of CIOs embarking on analytics projects. Read more

APP DEVELOPERS: Which Freaking Hadoop Engine Should I Use? In 2015, Hadoop no longer means MapReduce on HDFS. Instead, it refers to a whole ecosystem of technologies for working with “unstructured,” semi-structured, and structured data for complex processing at scale. Read more

MICROSOFT: Start Your (Search) Engines – Windows 10 vs. Third-Party Alternatives. Finding files on your computer can be a bit of a hassle, since there are a lot of criteria to include, besides the file name. The basic tool that Windows provides used to take a bit too much to show results, especially when the index wasn’t saved. This led to the creation of third-party alternatives. Read more


HIRING/RECRUITMENT: How To Use Culture Interviews To Build A Better Team. Determining how well a job candidate will mesh with an existing team’s culture is one of the great challenges businesses face when recruiting and hiring talent. Some organizations, like Pinterest and customer experience software provider SPLICE software, address the issue by performing “culture interviews” to ensure their hires’ strengths and attributes will positively impact team dynamics. Read more

NEW CIO CHALLENGE: Implementing The Digital EnterpriseAs CIOs architect the digital enterprise, it’s critical that they prioritise effective management and control across the whole organisation. Digital transformation will be short lived if everyone in the organisation does not feel the benefits from the performance, integrity, efficiency and agility which digital services can offer. This can only be achieved if CIOs work with, rather than against business stakeholders. Read more

SECURITY LEADERSHIP ADVICE: Hack Yourself First (Before The Bad Guys Do). If you can’t think like a hacker, it’s difficult to defend against them. Such is the premise of this free, nine-part online course, presented by Computerworld and training company Pluralsight, about how to go on the cyber-offensive by using some of the same techniques and tools the bad guys do. Read more

RESEARCH STUDY RESULTS: How Many CIOs Actually Want Chief Data Officers? The value of data has increased dramatically among the business community, bringing about the rise of the chief data officer (CDO), according to a new study by Experian Data Quality, a provider of software and services. The research study, which interviewed more than 250 CIOs and CDOs from large organizations, found that data is a critical asset that has been largely untapped. Read more


APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT: Blue Mountain Data Systems is dedicated to Application Development and Systems Integration for Federal Civilian Agencies, Document Management Systems that help in the preparation, scanning, indexing, categorizing and quality control of millions of pages of paper documents to electronic format and the Automation of Workflow Processes. Call us at 703-502-3416.


ATTN: Federal & State CTOs CIOs CISOs: Daily Tech Update – September 23, 2015

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