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INSIDER THREATS: Virtualization, cloud complicate insider threats for Federal CIOs. Within the federal government, the shift toward virtualization and cloud computing is already well underway, but agency and industry officials warn that those migrations invite new security considerations, particularly in the form of insider threats. Read more

BASH VULNERABILITY: A honeypot run by researchers at AlienVault Labs has snared two separate pieces of malware attempting to exploit the Bash vulnerability. “One sample is a repurposed IRC bot written in Perl that is trying to build a botnet to be used in distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS),” said Jaime Blasco, director of AlienVault Labs. So far, he said, there are “715 victims and there are phrases written in Romanian in the source code.” Read more

NIST FAQS: Managing Security Risk by Using Common Security Configurations #NISTCompliance. Read FAQs


PLANNING: How to Plan for Long-Term Success in the Cloud. Heed these tips for getting the most out of your cloud investments. Read More

BUDGETS: Cloud Computing Accounts for Just 1% of HHS’ IT Budget, GAO Finds. Although cloud computing could result in significant cost savings for HHS, the department has allocated just 1% of its overall budget to such services, according to a new Government Accountability Office report. Read More


SECURITY TRENDS: Dark Reading Radio: Trends In Application Security. In the next episode of Dark Reading Radio, on Wednesday, September 24, you will learn about the latest trends in application security and the hot topics that created the most buzz at AppSecUSA, the foundation’s annual conference attended by an assortment of developers, security auditors, risk managers, security execs, and government and law enforcement officials, held last week in Denver. Read more


WEB DEVELOPMENT: Where does the performance argument come in? Conflicts over web standards can creative tension to help the web move along. Read more


FED IT: Agencies need better oversight of contractors. The federal government does not know how many IT systems are run by contractors. That’s a takeaway from a study titled “Agencies Need to Improve Oversight of Contractor Controls” issued Sept. 8 by the Government Accountability Office. Read more


OVERSIGHT: FBI’s 2-year-old, $550M electronic case management system frustrates users. More than half of FBI employees using the bureau’s electronic records and case management system for day-to-day activities are dissatisfied with search functionality and say indexing is a productivity drain. Read more


ELECTRONIC DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS: Blue Mountain Data Systems processes over 2.75M case-related documents per year for The U.S. Department of Labor. Call Paul at 703-502-3416 to discuss how we can help you create the electronic records management system you really need.


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