Whale Alert iPad and iPhone App Saves Whales on West CoastU.S. West Coast mariners can now use an iPad™ or iPhone™ app to help save whales from ship strikes.

Whale Alert, a free mobile application available for download from the Apple App Store, was originally developed in 2012 to help protect endangered right whales on the East Coast. The app was enhanced with new features to provide Pacific mariners with the up-to-date info about whale movements and conservation developments.

According to the Commerce.gov blog,

“The app uses GPS, Automatic Identification System, Internet and NOAA nautical charts to provide mariners with a single source of information about whale locations and conservation measures that are active in their immediate vicinity.

Slow-moving whales are highly vulnerable to ship strikes, since many of their feeding and migration areas overlap with shipping lanes. In 2007, four blue whales were killed by confirmed or likely ship strike in and around the Santa Barbara Channel. NOAA Fisheries declared this an Unusual Mortality Event. In 2010, five whales (two blue, one humpback and two fin whales) were killed by confirmed or likely ship strikes in the San Francisco area and elsewhere along the north-central California coast.”

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COMMERCE & NOAA: “Save the Whales” Gets an Online Update

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