How to Create Fresh Web ContentCongratulations! Your website has been up and running for some time, and you have attracted a loyal following. In order to keep the momentum going, however, it is imperative to keep the content fresh.

Even the best websites need a content overhaul from time to time. Failure to do so may bring things to a grinding halt, leading your followers to believe that there is nothing new on your site. Providing new, fascinating items of interest are key to your site’s success.

In a recent online article, Forbes contributor Jayson DeMers helps us get to crux of the matter and provides three, easily executable steps to keep content fresh:

Step 1 – Audit Your Content. Measure the changes your content has suffered, starting with information from analytics. Involve your audience, perhaps with a short reader survey. Odds are you’ll learn a few possible improvements to make to your strategy.

Step Two: Find New Ideas. The most common culprit for stale content is a lack of new ideas injected into your content stream. Here are several ways to find new ideas for future posts:

  • Look externally for inspiration. Start looking into your direct competitors’ websites and content strategies for inspiration. Make it a point to read new information every day, and consolidate your sources in a news feed for that very purpose.
  • Work with guest bloggers to bring new voices and fresh perspectives on your business. You can also look for opportunities to freshen your content by posting it on external sources.
  • Write about your company to add a human factor to your content strategy and keep your readers invested in your blog.

Step Three: Incorporate New Mediums. After you iron out some new content ideas, you can integrate some new mediums and formats into your content campaign in order to attract different segments of your audience and liven up the diversity of your strategy.

  • Experiment and vary the length of your posts to make a difference.
  • Write a book.
  • Make posts with an interactive factor. Interactive posts will do two things to liven up your campaign.

For more information on keeping content fresh, see the full Forbes article.


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Content Refresh: It’s As Easy As 1-2-3

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