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JAVA 8 & APACHE SPARK: Java 8, Apache Spark set for rapid adoption. A report by Typesafe, the company responsible for the development and support of the Scala language for the JVM, shows that the platform does not seem to suffer the same slow adoption of previous Java versions. Read more

JQUERY & AJAX: Servlets Integration: Building a complete application. A tutorial that explains the whole process of creating a simple web app, including the frontend, the backend, and most importantly, the ways that someone can use to interact with both of them. Read more

TYPESCRIPT: If You’re Using JavaScript, You’re Already Writing TypeScript. The TypeScript programming language is actually a proper superset of JavaScript. Read more

GOPHERJS: Nudges Google Go Past Dart In Javascript Web Development. With GopherJS, front-end code can be written in Go language, then compiled to JavaScript. Read now

GOOGLE WEBMASTER TOOLS: Blocking JavaScript & CSS Can Affect Indexing. Google has updated its Webmaster Guidelines, which will likely affect sites that are blocking JavaScript or CSS files. Read now


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Daily Tech Update – Scripting & Programming – October 30, 2014

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