databasesThese days enterprise IT groups are asked to be jacks-of-all-trades. Not only must they mitigate security breaches, but also they must adopt Agile practices, reduce costs, and provide better services to the organization. To accomplish these things and do them well is challenging.

When it comes to databases, however, the expectation is the same. As a result, a significant amount of budgetary dollars are spent on database-related expenses and highly skilled, professional resources that can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Enter Database as a Service (DBaaS)—in the form of OpenStack Trove. In his latest “New Tech Forum” article, InfoWorld contributor Amrith Kumar outlines five ways that DBaaS can change the way enterprise IT is managing databases today:

Best Practices At Dramatically Lower Costs – A private cloud DBaaS solution like OpenStack Trove offers the enterprise a flexible solution that can be deployed safely. Trove offers a rich variety of database technologies in prepackaged configurations. IT staff does not need expertise on all of them.

Faster Provisioning, Less Waiting – To an IT customer within the enterprise, DBaaS dramatically improves agility. DBaaS is a fully managed service that allows the customer to focus on making the best use of the database while relying on the infrastructure to ensure data integrity, security, and continuity.

Easier Access To New Database Technologies – DBaaS solutions allow an IT customer to pick the right database technology for their specific use case.

More Experimentation And Faster Innovation – While the value of quickly provisioning a database is considerable, the fact that an IT customer can as easily discard a database and provision a new one is no less significant. It gives the customer the luxury of experimenting and iterating quickly to rapidly arrive at the right long-term solution without unnecessary compromise.

Reduced Time And Effort Moving From Development To Production – Finally, DBaaS provides a safe and simple way to help transition a database through the application development process. During the development phase, the DBaaS could provision databases in low-cost configurations that are geared toward development activities. As the application progresses toward production, the DBaaS could seamlessly reconfigure these databases for production.

For more information about DBaaS and how it relates to easier database management, see the full InfoWorld article.


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DBaaS: OpenStack Trove Changes DB Management

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