enterprise-apps2015 promises to be the year of mobile, experts say, and that comes as no surprise. In the past year, Internet usage via mobile devices surpassed that of their desktop counterparts, and the trend will only grow in 2015.

Similar predictions for search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing are on the horizon, according to CIO’s recent article. Digital marketing experts weigh in on the matter and share predictions on the big search trends and offer tips on how to prepare for and take advantage of them. Here are three of them:

All About Mobile

“If your Website isn’t mobile-friendly, you can lose out on search marketing,” according to Sherry Holub, creative director, JV Media Design. “Google now blatantly prefers mobile-friendly sites, and if you haven’t considered mobile users in your search marketing plan, you’re missing a huge chunk of the market.”

Andrew Akesson, technical SEO strategist, Venn Digital, says Google could eventually force all sites on the first page of its search results to be mobile-friendly.

Content (Marketing) Still King

Content marketing emerged as a significant trend in the SEO community during the past few years, and it’s becoming essential for marketers. In 2015, quality content will be “more important than ever,” according to Samuel Oh, CEO of Smohzie Inc. and founder of Money Journal. To be successful today, content needs to be thorough, as well as engaging and useful, Oh says.

Spread Your Stories Across Platforms

Storytelling across various media platforms, including social networks, blogs and video, will be more important. “It’s essential to create a diversified marketing strategy and a variety of media for consumers to interact with your brand,” according to Kathryn Bisson, marketing master, Technology Seed. “The brand’s mission and story needs to begin on a strong website and then share that story on other media, including Google AdWords and Bing Ads, to direct people to a story about your services. Every piece will work together to encompass all aspects of an organization and all people to relate to the brand as a personality.”

To read the full list of digital marketing predictions for 2015, see the full CIO article.


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Digital Marketing Predictions for 2015

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