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MICROSOFT AZURE: DocumentDB: Customer Test Drive – Microsoft NoSQL database (and MongoDB competitor) gets a trial run at Xomni. So far, so good, but search options and SDK “need work.” Read now

ENTERPRISE APPS: Most enterprise business customers today face a plethora of challenges in order to migrate their massive applications to the cloud environment. There are three essential reasons put forth for why customers should migrate their current applications to a public, private or hybrid cloud environment. Read now

NINE BEST PRACTICES FOR CLOUD IMPLEMENTATION: More than four of five organizations now use some form of cloud computing, according to industry research, and a great number of companies are exploring new options for cloud deployment. The advantages are clear: 84 percent of CIOs say they’ve cut costs by moving applications to the cloud, and these applications deliver an average of 70 percent more ROI than on-premise ones. Read how


NO DUPLICATE DATABASES ALLOWED: IT officials in DoD and within the military services have made no secret of the fact that they have many examples of overlapping systems with duplicate data, and identifying an authoritative data source is often quite difficult. Now, the department is making a concerted effort to identify and consolidate that duplicate data – an effort DoD thinks might wind up eliminating between $10 billion and $20 billion in wasted IT spending over the next five years. Read more


QUESTION: Do You Think Like a State CIO? Results of the NASCIO 2014 State CIO Survey show a fast-moving IT landscape, a lot of big IT projects, and leaders who are doing their best to keep up. Read more

REPORT: CIOs should follow Digital Service Playbook. After the initial implementation failures of, the president created the U.S. Digital Service to provide guidance to government agencies as they adapt to the digital age. In August, the new agency released the Digital Service Playbook, a series of recommendations and best practices for governing online. Read more


MAKE NOTE: FBI Director James B. Comey sharply criticized Apple and Google on Thursday for developing forms of smartphone encryption so secure that law enforcement officials cannot easily gain access to information stored on the devices – even when they have valid search warrants,” report The Washington Post’s Craig Timberg and Greg Miller. Read more

SHELLSHOCK MAC: Apple releases fix for ‘Shellshock’ virus. The “Shellshock” flaw allows the user to gain remote control of a computer or system. The problems affects devices running Linux and Unix operating systems and Apple’s OS X. Read more

BEWARE: Malware Attacks Drain Russian ATMs – Interpol Warns Attacks Could Spread Worldwide. Criminals have infected at least 50 ATMs in Eastern Europe, including Russia, with malware that enables them to drain ATMs of their cash via “jackpotting” attacks, netting attackers millions of dollars. The international police organization Interpol has issued a global alert warning that criminals may soon use the malware against ATMs located not only in Eastern Europe, but around the world, including the United States. Read more


CLOUD GIANTS BATTLE: Cloud giants do battle backed by distinctly different partner network. Comparing the apps marketplaces of Amazon, Google and Microsoft. Find out more

NOT BAD TO WANT MORE: Cloud price cuts are nice but enterprises still want more. After Google cut cloud prices this week, other vendors expected to follow suit. Read more


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