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BIG DATA CAN SAVE THE DAY: Big Data as Superhero: Fighting Crime and Boosting Security. The future lies in analyzing data that gives security professionals a comprehensive view of their security posture. Tell them what is at risk, how severe the risk, how important the asset is, and how to fix it. Read more

MALWARE: Backoff POS Malware Evolves Attackers Encrypting Latest ‘ROM’ Version Communications. The developers behind the pernicious Backoff point-of-sale malware that’s infected more than 1,000 U.S. businesses have continued to refine their attack code. Read more

SECURITY BEST-PRACTICES: Why cyber security starts at home. Even the grandmas on Facebook need to know and practice basic security hygiene, because what happens anywhere on the Internet can eventually affect us all. Read more

APPLE RESPONDS TO MASQUE ATTACK: Apple responds to that scary-sounding Masque Attack: Heed warnings and you’ll be fine. Read more


VA, ND & LA: How $190 million will expand broadband in rural communities. Federal grants and loans will go to 19 states to support more than two dozen telecommunications projects. Read more

FCC: Aims to Bolster Internet for Schools. With a goal of fiber-optic lines reaching to every school and a Wi-Fi connection in every classroom, Tom Wheeler, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, is expected to propose a 62 percent increase in the amount of money the agency spends annually to wire schools and libraries with high-speed Internet connections. Find out more


ANDROID: How to Tell if An Android App is Potentially Dangerous. Google doesn’t manually approve apps like Apple does, but they do scan apps in the Google Play Store for malware. Permissions, reviews, and other reputation information can also tell us a lot. Take a few basic precautions and you can avoid these potentially dangerous apps. Read more

IT FAILURE REBOUND: How to rebound from a large-scale IT failure. As the site prepares for another year’s open enrollment season, it also serves as a prime example of how to recover from a major, high-visibility failure. Read more


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