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REALITY CHECK: IT spending reality check: 2014’s mixed message. Tech budgets and hiring are down from earlier optimistic projections, but IT’s confidence is holding steady. Read more

PROJECT MANAGEMENT APPS: Projects and people differ, and so should project management apps. Compared to the biggest project management apps available, Zoho, Podio and LiquidPlanner tackle tasks in unique ways. Read more


VETERAN AFFAIRS: VA reorg could further centralize IT. The “Road to Veterans Day” initiative, the review of department practices and policies by Secretary Robert McDonald, promises improvements to customer service, and a vet-focused organizational structure called “My VA.” The goals are to rebuild trust, improve service delivery, and set a course for long term reforms. Read more

HOUSE:Management to Be a Focus in House. The House Republican leadership plans to continue a focus on agency management in the new Congress that convenes in January, according to a planning document that cites “government competency” as a major issue to be addressed through oversight hearings and legislation. Find out more


ASYNC: Unit Testing Asynchronous Code. Unit testing is a cornerstone of modern development. The benefits of unit testing for a project are pretty well understood: Unit testing decreases the number of bugs, reduces time to market and discourages overly coupled design. Those are all nice benefits, but there are further advantages more directly relevant to developers. Read more

SQL SERVER 2014: Video tutorial – XML and database – An Introduction. Watch Now


SNOW: Handling extreme snowfall: Tips from the Snow & Ice Management Association. The 2014-15 winter season kicked off to a robust start as the Buffalo area recorded more than 50 inches of snow Tuesday-Wednesday, with up to another 24 inches predicted over the next few days. How does one handle extreme snowfall like the storm Western New York is experiencing? The Snow & Ice Management Association, the North American organization representing snow management professionals that clear snow and ice, has this advice. Read more


APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT: Blue Mountain is dedicated to Applications and Systems Integration, Document Management and the Automation of Workflow Processes. Call us at 703-502-3416.


Federal & State CTOs CIOs CISOs: Daily Tech Update – November 19, 2014

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