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PREDICTIONS FOR 2015: 8 Predictions For Mobile App Development In 2015. 1) Standalone apps will lose their luster 2) Hardware-driven innovation will enable new opportunities 3) Mobile competition will shift to accessories and ecosystems. Read the rest

FREE TOOL: Xamarin offers free app-building tools to students. Its platform theoretically makes it fly-simple to write an app once in C# and quickly and easily adapt it for Macs, PCs, iPhones and Android devices, with 90% of the work already done for you. Read more


HOME DEPOT HACK: Home Depot lost 53 million email addresses (this POS story isn’t getting any better). Home Depot Inc. said hackers got into its systems last April [but now says] the breach was worse than earlier thought…around 53 million customer email addresses were stolen as well. Read more

CUSTOMER DATA PROTECTION: Customer data protection is a corporate social responsibility. It’s time for businesses to start protecting customer privacy and data as conscientiously as they protect their own. Read more


SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT: Why all software needs a license. All software developers should add a copyright license. Why? Because open source licensing is all about granting permission in advance. Read more

MySQL: Why the open source database is better off under Oracle. Oracle’s stewardship has been good for the MySQL database argues Percona CEO Peter Zaitsev. Read more


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