ORACLE: Ellison pushes Oracle’s new cloud platform, but questions linger. “We’re just getting started” in the cloud, he says. According to Ellison, “Customers will save money running their software on Oracle’s cloud rather than their own data centers.” Read more

FISMA & THE CLOUD: Ready to move continuous monitoring to the cloud? Agencies are headed to the cloud, but security and ensuring that the requirements of Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) program can be met are challenging areas that can slow down cloud adoption. Read more


SHELLSHOCK BUG: 5 Things Government Agencies Should Know About the Shellshock Bug. As organizations work on a fix for the Bash system software flaw, security experts warn the response to this vulnerability is far from over. Read more

BODY CAMS: What If Police Body Cams Get Hacked? The vulnerabilities will be directly related to the software used by the companies developing the technology. Read more


MAINE: Law enforcement, federal agencies express concerns over iPhone 6’s new security features. Read more

TEXAS: How Mobility Improves Traffic Enforcement. Local governments are outfitting police motorcycles with technology that boosts efficiency and traffic safety. Read more


NoSQL: NoSQL Databases Are Going Mainstream – They Actually Have Paying Customers. Read more


APPS: 4 Apps That Will Supercharge Your Productivity. Not enough hours in the day? These tools can help you get it all done. Read more

BEING MORE: Looking at Productivity as a State of Mind. Policy makers often fret about the pace of worker productivity. But each of us also frets about the pace of our own individual productivity.Read more


ELECTRONIC DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT: Blue Mountain Data Systems processes over 2.75M case-related documents per year for The U.S. Department of Labor. Call Paul at 703-502-3416 to discuss how we can help you create the electronic records management system you really need.


Federal & State CTOs CIOs CISOs: Daily Tech Update – October 1, 2014

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