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LEARN-TO-CODE BOOT CAMPS: Coding boot camps, which generally focus on Ruby on Rails and front-end coding languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, say they have job placement rates north of 90 percent. These intensive programs are generally selective and expensive. But do they actually deliver results that justify their costs? And, do they really provide CTOs, CIOs, CISOs and IT Managers with the programmers they really need? Read more

GOOGLE HIRE: How can you get your resume shortlisted by Google for a software engineer job? There are really three parts to this answer: getting the right experience, creating a good resume, and submitting it the right way. Read more

FRAMEWORKS: Why Even “Simple” Technology Can Be Hard For Developers. Simple != easy. Convenience drives much of the world’s best technology, from Amazon Web Services to Web frameworks like AngularJS. But that “convenience”, which makes it easy to quickly become productive, often comes with a hidden price tag: to become truly productive, you’re going to have to sweat. Read more


CONTEST: Oracle and Microsoft Azure: Who’s winning, who’s lagging, six months on. Find out now

SECURITY: Will the Cloud Kill the Password? Passwords are being replaced, and thefts from the cloud could speed their demise. Read more


HOW TO RETAIN TECH EMPLOYEES: How can you keep your technical staff engaged and avoid losing them to your
competitors? Here are 16 ways to retain technical staff. Read how


COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT: Elasticsearch director tells us how the magic happens. With the proliferation of open
source big data tools, there’s a democratization of the power of big data; any organization can use open source tools to get these fine grained insights into each aspect of their business, from each user click on their website to machine utilization metrics. Read more

OPEN SOURCE SECURITY: Open source’s “shallow bugs” theory hasn’t been Shellshocked. While open source isn’t a panacea for security problems, it’s a far better process for dealing with them once discovered. Read more


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