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CLOUD SECURITY: Four major trends impacting cloud security: 1) shifting motivations behind hacking, 2) consumerization of IT, 3) evolving architecture technologies, and 4) challenging regulatory environment Read more

APPLE SECURITY: iOS 8 contains a bucket of security fixes that makes your iPhone and iPad safer to use. Apple is mum, of course, about how severe the problems were. Read the rest

EFFICIENT CONTINUOUS MONITORING: At Blue Mountain Data Systems, we define continuous monitoring as “real-time security monitoring rather than the periodic reviews conducted weekly or monthly for compliance purposes.” Discover the third-party products and resources we use when providing continuous monitoring IT security support for our clients. Read more


ADOBE READER & ACROBAT: Critical Adobe Reader and Acrobat patches FINALLY released. Eight vulnerabilities healed, including XSS and DoS paths. Five bugs which could lead to code execution have been fixed. The remaining three bugs involve a sandbox bypass vulnerability, a crashing (denial of service) risk and a cross-site scripting flaw. Read more here


APPLE: Apple extends two-factor authentication to iCloud. It has enabled two-factor authentication for its iCloud storage service, more than a year and a half after the company first turned the protective measure on for iTunes purchases and Apple ID. Read more

AMAZON: HP builds load testing service on Amazon Web Services Cloud. Hewlett Packard has announced StormRunner, a new solution that provides a cloud-based platform for application quality testing and delivery. Read more

MICROSOFT: Adds 3D printing via cloud to application, allowing creation and printing of 3D objects with unconventional materials such as metals and ceramics. Users of Microsoft’s 3D Builder application will be able to create 3D models, get them printed remotely, and then get the end product delivered to their doorstep. Read more


12 TIPS: For managing today’s IT challenges. Ideas on how to successfully navigate and manage the daily strategic considerations encountered by many CIOs. Read More

WORKFORCE: Millennial fever: Coming, going and succeeding. As baby boomers head into retirement and the millennial generation steps in to take their place, managers need to recognize their different approaches and styles — and adapt accordingly. Read More


FREDDIE MAC: According to CISO Patricia Titus, continuous monitoring is helping Freddie Mac reduce the number of security controls it uses to safeguard its information systems. Find out more

SBA: How government is funding small-business innovation. 32-year-old Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program has doled out more than 112,500 awards to small businesses, worth more than $26.9 billion Read more

OPM: New guidance on “Enhancing Workplace Flexibilities and Work-Life Programs”, including telework. Learn more.


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