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FAA: Realtors Now Working With FAA On Drones. The National Association of Realtors is now working with the FAA to educate the agency about safe and responsible uses of drones. Read more

GSA: GSA’s Back to School Support Helps Communities Recover from Superstorm Sandy. Through continued efforts under the federal government’s Computers for Learning Program, the agency is helping schools still dealing with the aftermath of last October’s superstorm. Find out more

CFPB: You could still end up paying interest on a zero percent interest credit card offer Read more


C3.js: D3-based Reusable Chart Library. Built on D3, a JavaScript visualization library for HTML and SVG, you can create reusable charts that can be manipulated after they write to the screen. Read more

GO: How to Program with Google’s Go Language Read more

ORACLE & PL/SQL: PL/SQL is a combination of SQL along with the procedural features of programming languages. Learn the basics of database programming in PL/SQL. Read More

MICROSOFT: Asynchronous Programming with Async and Await (C# and Visual Basic) Read More

PROGRAMMER’S RESOURCE: Algorithms for Programmers: Ideas and Source Code (PDF).

Free download from Jorg Arndt. Read More

SEARCH: Discover the Solr Search Server. Info to get you started Read more


CYBER SECURITY EDUCATION: Remove The Limits. Highly technical and high-level strategic education must come together to achieve cyber security goals. Read more

CONTINUOUS MONITORING: What Tool Should Fed Agencies Use to Assess the Entire Network for Vulnerabilities on Devices? Read the rest

GOOGLE CHROME: Chrome Sets SHA-1 Expiration Date. Changing how it displays sites that use HTTPS certificates with SHA-1 signatures. Read the rest


UX: How do you find folks for usability studies? Here are tips. Read more

MOBILE: Create cross-platform apps with PhoneGap and jQuery Mobile Read more


20 TIPS: For First-Time Managers Read more

LEADERSHIP: 3 Tips For Surviving As A First-Time Manager Read more


MORTGAGES: 30-year mortgages are actually cheaper than 15-year mortgages Read more


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Federal & State CTOs CIOs: Daily Tech Update – September 17, 2014

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