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SURVEY SAYS: According to a recent survey conducted by Verizon Communications, more CIOs, emboldened by stronger internal processes and a maturing market for rented software, are working with their business peers to select cloud technology. Why? Credit shadow IT with helping triggering this shift, with CIOs realizing they’d better become proactive in choosing cloud services before the business beats them to it. Read now

FOR THE CIO: 5 ways to deal with shadow IT. With every cloud there might be a silver lining, but as many CIOs are discovering, ICT in the cloud has its shadow too. Read now

CLOUD COMPUTING: A recent survey reports that employees are bypassing company policy on website and technology usage. This means that cloud security is “stormy”. More than half (55%) of the 1,864 IT and IT security practitioners surveyed admitted they were “not confident” that IT knows all the cloud computing services in use at their company. Read now


ACCESSIBLE VIDEOS: 508 Accessible Videos—Why (and How) to Make Them. Making Web content and video accessible to people with disabilities is the law. Ensuring a video is accessible requires planning. Read more


WHY THEY LEAVE: This is why people are leaving your organization. If you have a high turnover rate, here’s how to recognize the reasons why–and turn it around. Read more

HOW TO GET THEM TO STAY: If you are consistently losing your tech staff, you may sacrifice more than money. You are risking customer satisfaction, business knowledge, and team morale. Here are 16 ways to retain technical staff. Read more


GOOGLE: Google X’s Nano Project May Detect Health Problems. Google has ventured into the healthcare industry, specifically in the area of nanoparticles that could detect cancer and other medical conditions. Read now

BREACHES: The healthcare & electric power industries share many of the same security issues as enterprises. But they also have a risk profile that makes them singularly unprepared for sophisticated threats. Read now

MANAGEMENT: How to search for qualified healthcare IT security personnel. Finding qualified healthcare security personnel remains a challenge in an industry where new threats make protecting patient data more complex by the day. Read more


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