FAA: Flight Attendants Want Mobile Device Ban Reinstated. Largest union of flight attendants sues FAA, seeks reinstatement of ban against the use of smartphones and tablets during takeoffs and landings. Read more

FED DATA CENTERS: N. Virginia Set to Overtake New York as Biggest Data Center Market by 2015. Northern Virginia will overtake the New York metro as the biggest multi-tenant data center market in the country by the beginning of next year, according to 451 Research. The region, whose data center market is mostly concentrated in Loudoun County, is now nearly tied with the New York-New Jersey area in terms of size. Read more

FBI: FBI agents stymied by Sentinel search function. The FBI’s Sentinel online case management system gets good marks overall from users, but special agents and others at the bureau report headaches with the search and indexing functions, according to a report from the Justice Department’s Office of the Inspector General. Read more

HHS: Still smoking? Ready to quit? Get advice. Read the tips From former smokers. Read more


STATE DATABASES: Cyberattacks on State Databases Escalate. State governments are facing a daily barrage of cyberattacks from increasingly sophisticated computer hackers. The hackers’ rapidly changing tactics threaten the exposure of personal information of millions of citizens and can cost taxpayers millions of dollars to fix. Read more

INFOGRAPHIC: Survey says spam email disrupts two-thirds of businesses each year. It continues to disrupt businesses and the volume of spam, even though it has come down to a degree, can still be in the region of 50 per cent of all email received. That is still a lot of spam. Five valid emails in 10. That is five possible email-borne security threats. Read now

YOUTUBE: Malicious YouTube ads lead to exploits, ransomware. In the last few months, Trend Micro researchers have been following a malvertising campaign that ended up affecting almost exclusively US users at the beat of more than 113,000 per month. Read more


PRACTICAL STEPS: 3 Ways to Choose Valuable Open Data. Mark Headd, Philadelphia’s former chief data officer, and others offer practical steps any government can use to start or improve open data programs. Read more


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