Twitter Sues U.S. GovernmentFEDERAL GOVERNMENT

TWITTER SUES FEDS: Accuses government of stifling free speech, seeking to pave the way to publish its transparency report that documents the government’s requests for user information. Read more

REPORT: Feds Underreport Data Center Consolidation Savings by Billions. A federal government watchdog agency released a report charging that agencies have been inaccurately reporting cost savings they expect to get by consolidating data centers, collectively missing the mark by billions of dollars. Read more

For CTOs, CIOs & CISOs

LEADERSHIP: CIOs Play Deeper Role in Leadership of Business. The role of the CIO is changing, but change is good, right? CIOs may have less direct control over information technology than in the past, but they are playing a deeper role within the business, according to Suresh Vaswani, president of Dell Inc.’s services business. Read now

REPROGRAMMING: CTO to startup founder: The reprogramming process. Leaving your job as a corporate CTO to found a startup requires a big mindset change. Keep these factors in mind if you are looking to take the leap. Read more

NOT SHELLSHOCKED: CISO Claims Yahoo Wasn’t Shellshocked in Server Attack. Yahoo has claimed that several of its servers which came under attack over the weekend were not affected by Shellshock as at first thought, but a similar bug. Read the rest

NEXT U.S. CIO: Who will be the next U.S. CIO? It took only one week for the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy to name a new federal CTO after Todd Park’s departure from the post was announced. Now the question is, will the administration be as swift to announce a replacement for former federal CIO Steve VanRoekel? Read now


BIG DATA: Hadoop gets more versatile, but data is still king. Hadoop 2.0’s YARN component doesn’t just make for a better Big Data platform. It makes for a great Big Compute platform. Read more

BIG DATA AS A SERVICE: Thinking About Hadoop? Why Your CMO Should Consider Big Data As A Service Instead. Read more


KINDLE: New Washington Post App Could Come Pre-Installed on the Next Kindle Fire Tablet. A BusinessWeek report suggests the yet-to-be-launched app will be free for a limited time before a monthly subscription fee kicks in. Find out more

$100 TABLET WORTH BUYING: Battery Life, Speed Make Amazon’s Fire HD 6 the Best Deal Among Low-Price Competitors. Here’s a surprise: You can now buy a tablet for $100. Here’s a bigger surprise: It won’t necessarily be terrible. Read more

MOBILE PHONES & HEALTHY SLEEP: Why charging your phone or tablet in your bedroom could make you FAT: Light emitted by the devices affects metabolism. Read more


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For Federal & State CTOs CIOs CISOs: Daily Tech Update – October 8, 2014

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