FROM ACCESS TO AZURE: Treasury risk manager leaps from Microsoft Access to Azure cloud. Read more

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS: 10 Things That Any Emergency Preparedness/Business Continuity Plan Should Have. A new report finds that one in five organizations lacks an emergency preparedness/business continuity plan, which could mean a double disaster for those companies. Read more

CLOUD COMPUTING: Hurd: Oracle Takes On Microsoft in the Cloud. Java and the database will be offered to customers with a chance to build cloud applications. Read more


NEW YORK: New York City gets a chief technology officer. Minerva Tantoco, has worked with both startups and large enterprises over the last 25 years. Read more


APP DEVELOPMENT: 4 ways Docker fundamentally changes application development. How Docker containers streamline development and deployment, encourage best practices, and enable a new breed of micro-services based applications. Read more

MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT: The four mobile application development stumbling blocks to avoid. Experts and analysts explain the common but lethal mistakes that are tripping up companies when designing custom corporate apps. Read more


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For Federal & State CTOs CIOs CISOs: Daily Tech Update – September 23, 2014

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