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HOW TO LINK JAVA & JAVASCRIPT: JHipster links Java and JavaScript for Web development. The JHipster application generator is enabling developers to blend their Java and JavaScript development skills on the same Web applications. Read more

NODE.js & RESTful: Architecting a Secure RESTful Node.js app. Create a Node.js app that acts as a REST API server for all of your clients. Learn how to implement a Token Based Authentication to authenticate and authorize the client to access the application data. Read more

PACKAGE MANAGERS: 5 Package Managers for Node.js Developers. Are you a software developer who is still using traditional methods of handling libraries? It’s much easier to stay in control of dependencies since you just change a number in a text file and execute a command. The package manager will do all the work for you. Read more

MORE NODE.JS: Lineman.js streamlines building JavaScript client applications. Lineman is a Node.js-based project build tool that is useful when building, testing, and deploying JavaScript client applications. Discover the benefits and one drawback of using Lineman. Read More


CLOUD FIRST: Agencies continue to buck “Cloud First” Policy–and the lack of savings shows it. Cloud computing solutions should be considered even for legacy information technology investments not up for replacement, according to a report that found federal agencies aren’t saving as much as they could. Read More

WIRELESS & THE CLOUD: Government IT leaders say cloud-based systems save money, streamline management and improve service delivery. Here are three areas to consider before moving forward with cloud-based wireless. Read More


SOFTWARE: Giving away software to make it more valuable. A big-data start-up just destroyed itself to save itself. That is perhaps not a big deal, but it says a lot about where the world of big computing is headed. Read more


PHP: A developer who doesn’t learn at least one new thing every 3 months is a paperweight.
You have to keep learning. Nomad PHP helps you build a habit of continuous learning. Read more


FAA: U.S. FAA says reviewing contingency plans, security polices after fire. The U.S. aviation safety agency’s top official said on Monday he ordered a review of all U.S. air traffic control contingency plans and security policies following a fire on Friday that crippled air travel over much of the U.S. Midwest. Read more

DELIVERY OF PUBLIC INFORMATION: As traffic to desktop .gov websites declines, how you publish your content increasingly matters. You need to meet people where they are as they seek information on the Internet. To do so, you need to adjust to the new world of mobile applications, social media, and instant answers provided by search engines. Read more


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