Business Creativity Is ProfitableFor years, researchers have begged the question as to whether a particular half of the brain—right or left—controls reasoning, creativity, and imagination. To the contrary, recent studies indicate that the right brain/left brain dominance theory is just a myth. As a result, most activities—whether logical or creative—require both parts of the brain to work together.

With the formation of the U.S. Digital Service and release of the Playbook, the Federal Government is committed to bringing its digital services in line with private sector services. Adobe—a global leader in digital marketing and media solutions— believes that one way to accomplish this is to infuse creativity into all aspects of business – from strategy and culture, to innovation and customer engagement.

Last May, Adobe and Forester conducted a study to investigate how creativity influences business outcomes. They surveyed senior managers from corporations across a diverse set of industries to quantify and qualify how creativity impacts business results.

The study found that:

  • Creative companies – those that encourage creative perspective, practices, and culture – outperform in both revenue growth and market share.
  • 58% of respondents from creative companies said their revenues have strong growth (10%+ year-over-year), vs. only 20% of less-creative firms.
  • And creative companies are 50% more likely to report a commanding market leadership position over competitors.

The results of this study will be highlighted at the Adobe MAX Conference, October 6-8, in Los Angeles, CA.

For more information on the results of this study, and its impact for creating exceptional citizen experiences, check out this blog post from David Wadhwani, Adobe’s Senior Vice President of Digital Media, as well as this infographic.

Fostering Creativity Yields Increased Revenue for Businesses

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