BIG DATA: NoSQL Databases Eat Into The Relational Database Market. Of any enterprise technology, enterprises are most dedicated to their chosen database. Once data goes into a particular database, CIOs hate to take it out. It’s costly, and the risks often outweigh the benefits. Read more

CMS: Revamping Your Website? Here’s The Business Case For Embracing WordPress. Currently, WordPress is reported by to be used in almost 48 percent of all websites. The balance of the CMS market is broken up into smaller slivers. Read more

ANALYTICS: Wikibon: In-Memory Databases Turn Big Data Into Actionable Insights. Big data promises to revolutionize business. But often business opportunities are fleeting. Read more

SSAS: The Challenges and Rewards of Enterprise SaaS. Over the last few years, organizations have turned to enterprise Software as a Service to address an array of challenges and drive greater agility and cost efficiency throughout the business. However, the path to results has been paved with more than a few challenges, including systems integration, data migration and security. Read More


INTELLIGENCE: Is Cloud Computing Secure Enough For Spies? CIA Bets On Amazon. When you think spy agencies and the cloud, you probably think about the National Security Agency (NSA) snooping on the cloud. Read More

MWC: Intel Announces New Atom Processors At Mobile World Conference. Intel has pretty much spun its wheels in the mobile world, but it’s not giving up. At the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, it unveiled a new generation of processors and announced security partnerships with a variety of firms. Read More


EMAIL DISCLOSURE: Many Feds Are Uncomfortable Communicating by Email. A mid-February online survey of high-level agency executives by Government Business Council, Government Executive Media Group’s research arm, shows that fear of running afoul of the chain of command may be the most important reason executives avoid using email as productively as they might otherwise. Read more

UTAH: Governor Calls State A ‘Technology Haven’. Lehi, Utah, may be a little colder and more mountainous than California’s Silicon Valley, but that doesn’t stop Utah Gov. Gary Herbert from speaking out in favor of his state’s technology industry potential. Read more


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