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WEBINAR: How to Get Your Federal Mobile App Promoted on and Your agency has created a mobile website and/or mobile app and you want to promote it. DigitalGov’s MobileGov Community of Practice facilitator, Jacob Parcell, will show you how to register mobile products on and Read more

SECURITY: Three Boardroom Questions Every Cybersecurity Professional Must Answer. These days, cybersecurity professionals need to be able to understand and answer the questions that company directors are asking. Read more

JUSTIFYING CYBERSECURITY: 3 Ways That Pay for Themselves. Security doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Tasks that improve security also increase availability and reliability. Read more


DEVELOPERS: More reasons why you should learn Java and/or JavaScript. New analysis of tech job data show that these two heavyweights are in a close battle for title of the most in-demand programming language. Read more

MICROSERVICES: How to prepare next-generation cloud applications. A microservice architecture promotes developing and deploying applications composed of independent, autonomous, modular, self-contained units. Microservices are not just code modules or libraries – they contain everything from the operating system, platform, framework, runtime and dependencies, packaged as one unit of execution. Find out more


APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT: Blue Mountain Data Systems is dedicated to Application Development and Systems Integration for Federal Civilian Agencies, Document Management Systems that help in the preparation, scanning, indexing, categorizing and quality control of millions of pages of paper documents to electronic format and the Automation of Workflow Processes. Call us at 703-502-3416.


FYI: Federal & State CTOs CIOs CISOs: Daily Tech Update – January 7, 2015

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