How Mishandled IT Incidents Spiral Out of ControlINCIDENT RESPONSE

LESSONS LEARNED: How Mishandled IT Incidents Spiral Out of Control. Organizations deal with literally hundreds of IT incidents every year, with each one consuming a considerable share of the tech department’s time, according to a survey from Everbridge. The report, titled “Current Trends and Concerns in IT Communication,” indicates that these incidents include hardware failure, app outages, data center outages/performance issues and lost connectivity. They can prove costly, with consequences such as increased stress, customer dissatisfaction and lost business. Read more

TRAINING: Data Breach: The CISO’s Worst Nightmare. There are certain words and phrases that strike fear in particular situations. For the parent, it is a phone call that begins, “There’s been an accident.” For a person in a relationship, it is the conversation that starts, “We need to talk.” For the politician running for president, it is hearing, “There’s a video.” And for the CISO, there are two words that create panic: “Data breach.” Find out more

INSURANCE: Leading Life Insurance Company Using EnCase® Security Products to Comply with PCI DSS. PCI DSS compliance is mandatory for every business that accepts credit cards. For insurance companies, compliance requires understanding the flow of payment card data throughout their system, and ensuring it is protected every step of the way. The insurer uses the market-leading EnCase incident response and security analytics tools to identify the location of sensitive payment card data, as well as hunt down undetected data breaches. Find out more

TECH INNOVATIONS: Uber Adds New Incident Response Teams Following Safety Concerns. Ride-sharing company Uber said it has formed response teams to address safety issues across the world, amid increasing concerns about the security of its passengers and drivers. The company, whose mobile app lets users hail taxis, has been dogged by controversies surrounding its business practices and safety policies, as it has grown rapidly around the world in recent months. Find out more


INSIDER THREATS: More Tales Of Security Fails. Another day, another data breach. Now it is Kreditech’s turn in the spotlight, an unfortunate development for a start up that specializes in lending to “unbanked” consumers. Read more

HIPAA: Cyberthreats Heavy On The Minds Of Health Provider, Insurer Technology Execs. CIOs and chief information security officers must develop myriad innovations and approaches to outwit “the wolves at their cyberdoor,” according to the 2015 IT Priorities Survey by Protiviti, a risk and business consulting firm. Read more

INFECTED WEBSITES: Report Finds 1 Out Of 3 Sites Are Vulnerable To Malware. A new report published by Menlo Security has alarmingly suggested that at least a third of the top 1,000,000 websites in the world are at risk of being infected by malware. Read more


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