blue-mountain-data-stystems-programmer-300x199APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT

MILLENNIALS: How they are changing the face of application development. The generation born between 1980 and 2000 is quickly becoming a major force in the workplace. Read now

C#: ASP.NET MVC 5.1 New Features, Part 1: Attribute Routing ASP.NET MVC 5.1 includes updates to attribute based routing and the stock editor templates. Read now

MICROSOFT AZURE: Microsoft has added a new security tool to its Azure Marketplace designed to allow Java developers deploying their apps on the Azure cloud platform to “BYOS” — Bring Your Own Security. Read now


FIREBASE: Google recently announced the acquisition of Firebase, a back-end-as-a-service (BaaS) provider that supports real-time synchronization. One of Firebase’s most attractive features is its integration with AngularJS, an open source JavaScript framework sponsored by Google that includes MVC, or model-view-control capability. Read more

WEB TOOLS: Why Web Tools Like AngularJS Need To Keep Breaking Themselves. Backward compatibility may be a casualty of Internet speed. Read now

POSSIBILITIES: AngularJS, HTML5, Groovy, Java and MongoDB All Together: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Read now

ANGULARDART: The Angular team has released AngularDart 1.0, a port of the AngularJS framework for the Dart language. It is inspired in AngularJS’ features such as directives, data binding, and dependency injection while taking advantage of some of Dart’s features like metadata, types, and classes. AngularDart is also the first version of Angular built on emerging web standards like Shadow DOM. Read now


ASK YOURSELF: Is it Time to Move Your Databases to the Cloud? Faster time to market increasingly drives firms of all sizes to move their databases to the cloud. Options range from managed services to more of a databases-as-a-service. Even companies used to rolling their own technology solutions are drawn to cloud databases. Read now

TRANSFORMATION: Three Companies That Transformed Their Businesses Using Cloud Computing. What do an insurance company, grocery chain and educational service have in common? This may sound like the opening question to a riddle, but the answer is serious business. They’re all using the cloud. Read now

DO THE MATH: The true cost of cloud computing. And show your work — otherwise, hidden and overlooked expenses can overwhelm your cloud computing budget. Read more


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