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FINANCIAL TECH: Tightening security on federal payment cards. Federal credit cards are going to get harder to crack. As part of wide-ranging set of policy initiatives about financial information security, President Barack Obama announced the federal government will be switching to payment cards that are protected by two new layers of security – a microchip that is harder to clone than a magnetic strip and a personal identification number that users key in during transactions, like a bank card. Read more

FEDERAL HIRING: In and out of government, employers hesitate to Google employees. With the federal government on the alert for the next insider threat, contractors are trying to figure out how they legitimately can monitor employees on social media. Read more

DOL & ACCESSIBILITY: New website educates employers, tech industry on accessibility. The Labor Department launched a web portal dedicated to helping employers and the technology industry better adopt technology that people with a range of disabilities can use. Read more

MILITARY UAVs: Military Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Market to Hit $5.26B. The global market for military unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is expected to witness a slight decline in the medium term due to the reduction in spending by the United States. Europe, and Asia-Pacific will partially compensate for this reduction in revenues as the perceived benefits of UAVs, in terms of both cost and capability, drive adoption. The launch of next-generation UAVs, with longer endurance and advanced propulsion systems such as fuel cells and solar power, will cement the future of the global UAV market. Read more


PAY FOR SUCCESS: Do you know about Pay for Success contracting (also called Social Innovation Finance or Social Impact Bonds)? These financing models direct funding to programs that demonstrate success through measureable outcomes, and can be an effective mechanism for counties to implement new programming in justice, health and human services areas. Local governments interested in developing Pay for Success can enter a new competition to receive services to identify and develop opportunities to use Pay for Success contracts to fund impactful social interventions. Read more

DELAWARE: Wireless Charging Is Poised to Streamline Government Operations. Magnetic resonance technology can make it more convenient to power mobile devices. With a mature mobile strategy, the state of Delaware appears to be an ideal candidate to deploy wireless charging technology. Read more


DROPBOX: Dropbox Denies Hack, Says ‘Your Stuff is Safe’. Dropbox officials said that a large cache of usernames and passwords posted online and alleged to have come from the company’s users are not related to Dropbox customer accounts. Read more

MICROSOFT SANDWORM VULNERABILITY: Microsoft-based systems at risk from ‘Sandworm’ vulnerability. A new piece of malware detected this week has exposed a NATO server, breached an American university and compromised systems across Europe by exploiting a major security gap in Microsoft operating systems. Read now

GSA: Laptops, Confidential Documents Left Sitting Out in GSA’s New Open Office. The agency leading the governmentwide charge toward economical open-office layouts has failed to follow procedures for securing sensitive and confidential documents and property, the General Services Administration’s inspector general found. Read more


LEGAL TECH: A Suggested App Toolkit to Help Mobile Lawyers Get Started. How can attorneys make use of currently available mobile apps? This “Mobile Lawyer App Toolkit” suggests some basic apps to get started, surrounding the crux of practicing law – note-taking, legal research and drafting of documents. Read more

SECURE MOBILE CONTENT: Your Content Is On the Move: Is It Secure? One hot, new enterprise trend is mobile content management (MCM). And it is far more than just content. It’s content collaboration that is becoming more and more mobile. Read more


ANGULARJS & JAVA 8: trackr: An AngularJS app with a Java 8 backend – Part I. Read more

JQUERY VALIDATION PLUGIN: This jQuery plugin comes bundled with a useful set of validation methods, including URL and email validation, while providing an API to write your own methods. All bundled methods come with default error messages in english and translations into 37 other languages. Read more

PHP: One year timeline determined for the delivery of PHP 7.0, with a projected release date of November 2015. Read more


APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT: Blue Mountain is dedicated to Applications and Systems Integration, Electronic Document Management Systems and the Automation of Workflow Processes. We have designed, developed, implemented and supported many management tracking systems, regulations data systems and technical assistance systems to enable creation, storage, retrieval and reporting of information contained in many different collections of data records and associated documents. The unique processes that Blue Mountain employs in our development efforts strives to enhance existing database applications rather than use separate off-the-shelf applications for document delivery. Call us at 703-502-3416 or email Paul Vesely at paul@bluemt.com.



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