AGILE DEVELOPMENT: Take Agile Methodology Beyond the Team. A quick guide to scaling an agile software delivery lifecycle across your organization. Read more

ENTERPRISE: The Next Wave of Software Delivery: Integrating Agile and DevOps. Interview with Pradeep Prabhu, co-founder and CEO of CloudMunch, who discusses the opportunities and challenges of adopting Agile and DevOps methodologies. Read more

SCALING THE ENTERPRISE: Four Must-Have Rules for Scaling Enterprise Agile. To adopt Agile practices, specifically Scrum, no organization is too big, complex or distributed. Read more

DATA PROTECTION: Rugged DevOps: In Search of the Defensible Infrastructure. DevOps moves too fast to build security into the process, some say. Not true, say others who believe one just needs to get a little Rugged. Read more


CISO IN THE WILD: Stepping out of the C-Suite to Take on Server Compliance. The CISOs of the world, particularly those in large organizations, often sit high above the daily operational fray of systems management. They stay out of the wild, so to speak, of technical administration and compliance activities. Their days are frequently consumed with reacting to various issues and the management of policies, projects and personnel. Read more

STATE CIO ADVICE: Building Successful Relationships With IT Partners. Given today’s fiscal environment, states are turning to their IT partners to provide cost-effective delivery of citizen services. This brief focuses on the best strategies for IT partners to engage with state CIOs while building successful business relationships. Read more

CLOUD-ENABLED SAAS: SEC CIO Leads Efforts To Move Agency To The Cloud. Pamela Dyson is shepherding a determined, if incremental, effort to move her agency’s applications to the cloud. Dyson was named the CIO at the Securities and Exchange Commission in February, after having joined the agency in 2010, when she joined an ambitious initiative to modernize and improve efficiencies in the SEC’s IT infrastructure. Read more [CIO.COM]

SECURITY AWARENESS: 5 Reasons Why Newer Hires Are The Company’s Biggest Data Security Risk. A study on U.S. mobile security by Absolute Software shows that Millennials – many of whom are now joining the workforce — hold the greatest risk to data security over other age groups. Shorter-tenure and younger respondents tend to have lower expectations of their own responsibility for corporate security, according to the study of 762 U.S. workers who use employer-issued mobile devices, including laptops, smartphones and tablets. Read more


APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT: Blue Mountain Data Systems is dedicated to Application Development and Systems Integration for Federal Civilian Agencies, Document Management Systems that help in the preparation, scanning, indexing, categorizing and quality control of millions of pages of paper documents to electronic format and the Automation of Workflow Processes. Call us at 703-502-3416.


FYI: Federal & State CTOs CIOs CISOs: Daily Tech Update – September 28, 2015

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