IT-strategic-trendsEach year thousands of CIOs and senior IT executives from all walks of life gather at the Gartner Symposium ITxpo. This epic, multi-continental event provides attendees with a strategic view on the trends that shape IT-related business. Over 24,000 people—including 7,000 CIOs—attend annually.

In a recent Forbes article, Peter High, outlined Gartner’s top ten predictions of strategic information technology trends that will affect organizations over the next three years. They are summarized as follows:

  1. Computing Everywhere – Along with wearables, smart-phones will offer connected screens in the workplace and in public. User experience will be key.
  1. The Internet of Things (IoT) will be the focus of digital business products and processes in industrial and operational contexts.
  1. 3D Printing is about to get cheaper, for industrial, biomedical, and consumer applications and will help companies reduce costs.
  1. Advanced, Pervasive, Invisible Analytics will continue to grow propelled by the Internet of Things, creating large pools of data. Every app will need to be an analytic app.
  1. Context-Rich System – Thanks to embedded intelligence and analytics, systems will become alert and responsive to their surroundings.
  1. Smart Machines – Analytics and context will pave the way for smart machines that can learn for themselves and act accordingly.
  1. Cloud/Client Architecture – As mobile computing meets cloud computing, centrally coordinated applications that can be delivered to any device will continue to grow.
  1. Software-Defined Infrastructure and Applications – Software defined networking, storage, data centers and security are maturing. Cloud service software is configurable thanks to rich APIs.
  1. Web-Scale IT – As cloud-optimized and software-defined methods become mainstream, we’ll see a move towards web-scale IT, starting with DevOps.
  1. Risk-Based Security and Self-Protection – Security will move away from perimeter defense to multi-faceted approaches. Expect security aware application design, dynamic and static application security testing, and runtime application self-protection.

For more information regarding Gartner’s stragetic IT trends, see the full Forbes article.


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Gartner Identifies 2015’s Top Strategic IT Trends

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