Government Enterprise SecurityWhen it comes to the CIO’s wish list, information governance is often regarded as an optional, “nice-to-have” element rather than a complete necessity. Unless this mindset changes immediately, the CIO may lose his/her job.

According to Gartner, twenty percent of CIOs in regulated industries will fail to adopt information governance by 2016, costing them their jobs. The following three reasons for governance implementation—pointed out by Washington Technology’s Angela Dingle—may cause a shift in the CIO’s priorities and save the day:

Regulatory Compliance is Not Getting Any Easier

As of January 2015, more than 47 state governments have passed laws that require businesses, information brokers and government entities to implement security measures and in some instances, publicly disclose any security breaches that result in the compromise of personally identifiable information.

Information governance frameworks like COBIT, provides business leaders with tools and techniques for mapping requirements, evaluating plans and policies, monitoring conformance, and making efficient, effective decisions about the use of information technology. Combined with automated tools and technology, information governance provides a streamlined approach to regulatory compliance.

The Baddies Want Your Data

Federal contractors, especially defense contractors, are at a higher risk of being targeted by adversaries seeking information about U.S. military and security systems.

A sound information governance framework provides business leaders with the information they need to make informed decisions about protecting critical information systems, and the tools they need to improve efficiency and responsiveness.

It Is Good For Business

Today’s business leaders need to understand the scope and impact of regulatory changes on their business; align organizational policies, practices and procedures to comply with changes; empower those with the technical expertise necessary to implement changes; train employees; ensure key facets of the business are aware of their responsibilities, and hold individuals accountable for compliance with the changes.

Information governance provides business leaders with the tools and techniques necessary to increase stakeholder confidence, protect their organizations, and optimize social value.

To explore more reasons to implement information governance, see the full Washington Technology article.


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