Password ProtectionSecurity is a hot topic right now in the information technology world. With hackers invading networks on a daily basis with ransomware, data breaches and compromised security holes, agencies and corporations need to ramp up their IT teams, especially those with expertise in cybersecurity.

Now is not the time to be understaffed in this area. Experts believe that the onset of the Internet of Things will result in 25 to 50 billion connected devices. Consequently, there is a growing need for trained cybersecurity professionals—perhaps to the tune of one or two millions jobs in the next couple of years. Therefore, those considering careers in cybersecurity need to prepare now with certification or degree programs. Those already working in security positions should keep their skills sharp and go for additional training as needed. In addition, those in positions in IT but not necessarily connected to security may be required to have security-related training of some sort.

A recent InfoWorld article reports that there are more than 7,000 security-related jobs posted on—an all-time high—and pay premiums for eight security-related certifications increased by more than 10 percent in the second quarter of the year, according to Foote Partners. In addition, the median pay for a security architect at midyear was $116,000, according to Payscale.

Although not necessarily required for jobs within the IT world, certification can give a prospective applicant (or someone seeking a raise or promotion) a critical edge over the competition if all other factors are equal. Historically product-focused, certifications are becoming more job-focused. As a result, networking giant Cisco has revamped the qualifications for its existing certifications. On the job front, has postings for 7,251 security-related jobs, an increase of 38 percent in the last year. In that category, the fastest-growing listing was “cyber security,” which had a total of 2,716 jobs — a jump of 92 percent from a year earlier.

For more information regarding security certifications, read the full InfoWeek article and Foote Partners report. Also consult Microsoft, ISACA, and Cisco certification webpages. Last, but not least, Foote Partners’ most recent list of certifications that are on fire in today’s IT market can be found here.


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