Mobile SecurityThe development of mobile apps is on the rise for agencies and organizations. With five billion owners of mobile devices and just as many app downloads to date, the mobile industry is moving at lightning speed and only getting stronger.

Experts believe the key to successful enterprise app development depends on the incorporation of users’ wants and needs. Failure to consider the user experience may have adverse results. TechTarget’s latest article on the matter pinpoints three ways to develop apps that users are sure to like:

Steer Clear Of Legacy Apps

Believe it or not, not everything is destined for mobile. Identify specific processes and mobilize those. If mobilizing software essentially requires reprogramming from scratch, turn around and start walking in the other direction.

Talk with your users about what they’re looking to accomplish, and you’ll often find a better way to do it than trying to render a legacy system on a mobile device.

Don’t Try To “App-Ify” Everything       

Some tasks are meant for mobile apps and some are not. Apps are the right choice when you need native device functionality or the ability to work offline.

Keep in mind that the user experience will decline heavily with any function that includes voice or video interaction on mobile websites. Before investing in mobile app development, think very carefully about what service you’re trying to make available, and when and how people would like to use it.

Prioritize The FUN Principle

The ability to focus on and address users’ needs is the single greatest determinant of success for a mobile app.

When evaluating third-party apps or developing your own, imagine that your users are consumers, not employees. Consumers will try something once, and if it doesn’t change their life for the better, they’ll probably never try it again. A successful app will retain a user’s attention throughout every step of the process and inspire them to recommend the app to the rest of the workforce.

For more advice on ensuring that your mobile application project meets the user experience, see the full TechTarget article.

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Keys to Successful Enterprise Mobile App Development

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