Email Microsoft Clutter FeatureMost of the world’s email traffic comes from the business world. Statistics indicate that the number of business emails sent and received per day totaled over 100 billion in 2013. Furthermore, the average employee spends 28% of his/her work week managing email—time well spent on other pressing tasks.

Microsoft believes it has the answer—with Clutter—a new feature embedded in the business version of Office 365. In a recent blog post, Microsoft highlighted its functionality, summarized here:

  • Powered by a sophisticated machine learning technique called Office Graph, Clutter evaluates a user’s actions to determine which messages he/she is likely to ignore. It gets smarter over time, learning from the user’s prior actions with similar messages. Eventually, less important emails are automatically spotted and moved to the Clutter folder.
  • The user has the option to activate/deactivate Clutter at any time. It is turned off by default and is only activated when the user sees fit.
  • The Clutter experience is personalized to each individual and adapts to the user’s actions and preferences without user interaction.
  • Items tagged as less important and moved to the Clutter folder remain out of the way until the user has time to review the items. However, the user is kept abreast of all Clutter’s activities (via messages in his/her Inbox), allowing the user to keep control of all messages.
  • The user can proactively train Clutter by marking items as less important or by simply moving the items to the Clutter folder. If items wind up in the user’s Clutter folder that shouldn’t be there, he/she can retrain Clutter by moving the message back to the inbox.
  • Clutter continuously learns and will adapt to new patterns as the user begins working on new projects or takes on a new role.
  • Clutter can be used across many email clients including Outlook, OWA, OWA for devices, or EAS connected devices.

This new functionality will be made available to business customers on a staggered release program. For more information and videos regarding Clutter, view the full blog post.

Manage Your Email Faster with Microsoft Clutter

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