Mr. Paul T. Vesely
Founder, President, CEO and Principal Architect

Photo of Paul T. VeselyMr. Vesely is a recognized leader in systems architecture, having designed and delivered many database and document processing systems ranging from work group LANs to enterprise-wide solutions. His goal is to minimize the impact of cultural change in organizations where myriad job functions of document management and workflow are affected.

Mr. Vesely’s history includes 29 years experience in the information systems industry, with Unisys, Grumman, PRC and a host of clients in both government and private sectors. Mr. Vesely founded Blue Mountain Data Systems Inc. to provide specialized information systems and services, from inception through implementation and ongoing operations. Specific expertise includes database system design and delivery, with emphasis on enforcement related matters. Mr. Vesely provides analysis, design, development and implementation services. His objective is to ensure quality of design, product selection and implementation.

At PRC Inc., Mr. Vesely was chief engineer and assistant vice president, responsible for imaging systems design and integration. Mr. Vesely designed a product line of engineering drawing and data management systems for the EDMS (Electronic Document Management Systems) marketplace. Three levels of product maximized the use of off-the-shelf products and were scaled to include LAN-based, departmental and larger enterprise-wide imaging systems. His proven methodology for imaging and workflow systems analysis, design and project management has been used repeatedly to maximize the efficacy of document processing throughout the office while reducing integration and development risk.

At Grumman Data Systems, Mr. Vesely led an imaging practice, selecting the Plexus platform for most system implementations. He developed a multi-system imaging laboratory, a demonstration center and was responsible for several successful imaging applications. Earlier, he was a member of Grumman’s flight test group as a software engineer, responsible for the design and development of graphic subsystems for Grumman’s telemetry ground station. Later, Mr. Vesely was placed on overseas assignment with Rolls Royce, Ltd. to analyze and assist in re-engineering their jet engine business practices.

Upon graduating from The University at Albany in New York with a B.S. Computer Science/Mathematics and concentration in the Natural Sciences, Mr. Vesely served as software engineer for Sperry Univac, developing software drivers and applications for various anti-submarine warfare operations projects.

Mr. Vesely is a former member of the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) and a founding member of the AIIM Vertical Market Section Committee. In 1997, he was awarded Master of Information Technologies from AIIM and in 1998 he was awarded Laureate of Information Technologies, both in recognition for his continuing education, association participation and industry experience. He is a former member of the Nuclear Information Records Management Association (NIRMA), was nominated as KPMG Peat Marwick Entrepreneur of the Year, 1992, has made numerous imaging-related presentations and has published several papers on various computer-related topics.