federal-govt-year-end-spendingEveryone likes to find a bargain, and CIOs and CSOs are not any different. A budget can only stretch so far before it cracks at the seams. Prioritizing one’s goals and objectives is key in order to stay on track. Therefore, doing things “on the cheap” may be the way to go in some cases.

According to Security Manager Mathias Thurman, some security initiatives can be accomplished without creating a dent in the budget. In his latest article, he focuses on security awareness and gives advice on how to spend wisely:

  1. Email Quarterly Security Reminders. Thurman’s recent email reminder, for example, explained phishing attacks: how to spot them, what to do if one is detected and, most importantly, what to do if one clicks on a questionable link or attachment. Awareness about such things is of paramount importance. Employees are the first line of defense to prevent the activation of malware.
  2. Speak at Monthly New-Hire Orientations. Thurman created a set of PowerPoint slides on topics such as avoiding untrusted resources like Internet kiosks and Wi-Fi hotspots, data protection, encryption, passwords, social engineering and physical security. He asked HR to give him a 45-minute slot [speaking time at the orientation], including 15 minutes to answer questions.
  3. Create Posters on Security Awareness. Several free awareness posters can be found with a Google search. Distribute and hang posters in the restrooms and common areas.
  4. Apply Security-Themed Screensavers. Get IT resources to deploy the screensavers to all of the PCs on our domain using Microsoft Active Directory Group Policy.
  5. Conduct Developer Training. This is a necessary expense. To ensure quality instruction, purchase the necessary training materials.

For more tips on how to promote security awareness on a shoestring budget, consult the full CSO Online article.


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Security Awareness Tactics On a Shoestring Budget

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