Blue Mountain Data Systems Cloud SecurityOrganizations, agencies, and businesses across the nation are preparing for the changeover to cloud-based enterprises. Many look forward to increasing efficiency, improving cash flow, and the other benefits that come with cloud computing. However, shadow IT stands in the way.

Hardware or software that is not supported by an organization’s IT department is referred to as “Shadow IT”.  The term often carries a negative connotation because it implies that the IT department has not approved the technology or is not aware that employees are using it. Unless organizations get a handle on shadow IT, the move to the cloud may be painful.

Survey findings from the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) reveal just how widespread the problem of shadow IT is. CSA’s recent media announcement highlights the study as follows:

More than 200 IT and security professionals varying in company size and industries from the Americas, EMEA and APAC regions participated. The survey, titled Cloud Adoption, Practices and Priorities Survey Report, indicated that nearly 72 percent of executives and IT managers admitted that they did not know the number of shadow IT apps within their organization, but certainly want to. The survey also highlighted that decisions concerning the security of data in the cloud has shifted from the IT room to the boardroom, with 61 percent of companies indicating that executives are now involved in such decisions.

“As companies move data to the cloud, they are looking to put in place policies and processes so that employees can take advantage of cloud services that drive business growth without compromising the security, compliance, and governance of corporate data,” said Jim Reavis, CEO of the CSA.

While security of data remains a top barrier to cloud adoption, organizations are still moving forward in adopting cloud services, with 74 percent of respondents indicating they are either moving full steam ahead, or with caution, in the adoption of cloud services. However, 34 percent of respondents indicated that a lack of knowledge and experience on the part of IT and business managers was a main reason for slow or lack of adoption.

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Shadow IT Hinders Cloud Adoption

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