Government Websites Strive to Become Mobile-FriendlyThe decision to embark on a mobile app development project is very exciting. Ideas are flowing, and it’s better to strike while the iron is hot. Proceed with caution, however. There are a number of questions you need to examine before taking that gigantic leap into the unknown.

Venture Beat writer Justin Dombroski compiled 21 such questions in his latest article. Seven of them are randomly listed and summarized below:

What are the business objectives for the app? Is the objective that it will drive new sales? Will it allow your business to gain a competitive advantage? Will it increase productivity?

Who are your target users? What problem is your app going to solve for your users? Put thought into these users and how this app will reach them.

How familiar are you with Agile development? The majority of custom app development companies you will work with these days are working with some variation of an Agile process. You will want to familiarize yourself with the process as it works very well with app development.

Do you have a budget? App development costs are very difficult to estimate because there are so many variables. Knowing a budget allows a developer to work with your budget while keeping in mind your critical features.

Have you thought about how secure you’ll need your app to be? What sensitive information will be gathered within your app and how will it be securely stored?

Will your app have a cost associated with it? Would it cost money to download the app? Would your app require a subscription to use? Would it have in-app advertising?

What dependencies do you have before work can begin or be completed? If you are responsible for writing the privacy policy for the app, then that’s a dependency. The copy for the privacy policy must be complete before that screen can be implemented.

For more information about things to consider before mobile app development, see the full Venture Beat article.

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Tips for Successful Mobile App Development

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