Microsoft Spartan BrowserThe upcoming Windows 10 release is causing a lot of buzz these days. IT managers and agency executives want specifics on how this switch in gears from OEM updates to the as-a-service platform will affect them. With our dependence on technology at an all-time high, the need to have answers is definitely understood.

Andrian Kingsley-Hughes of ZDNet weighs the pros and cons of Windows-as-a-service in his latest article. Details are summarized here as follows:


  • Microsoft is thinking about device lifespans rather than Windows versions. Users [will] always get access to the latest operating system, assuming that their hardware can handle it, and should help prevent a situation where people are running ancient versions of Windows.
  • Grand unification of Windows. With Windows 10 Microsoft is finally removing the fence that separates PCs from mobile. No more Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista, Windows 8.1, Windows Phone… just Windows.
  • People love free stuff. The chance to get Windows 10 for free will, no doubt, generate buzz and goodwill.


  • What about the future costs? Questions remain about the long-term model. Right now Microsoft is not willing to talk dollars and cents.
  • Will Windows be in a constant state of flux? Another thing that worries me about Windows as a Service is that it means that the Windows platform will be in a constant state of flux. Buying a Windows license used to mean buying into a product lifecycle that was road-mapped out in advance.
  • OEMs are left out in the cold. Windows as a Service means no more big monolithic upgrade cycles, which in turn means that hardware OEMs don’t get to enjoy the harvest time that follows.
  • Upgrading can be hell. Being offered a free upgrade doesn’t mean that the future won’t be paved with driver issues and software incompatibilities.

For more information on Windows-as-a-service, see the read the full ZDNet article.


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Windows-As-A-Service: Pros and Cons

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